15 September 2006

DRM - Bend over down under?

The ever fascinating Slashdot reports that Australia is enacting pro-DRM laws as part of it's Free Trade Agreement with the US. Mod-chipping hardware, multi-region DVDs, in fact any mechanism to disable technological limitations to limit distribution and use will be subject to severe penalties. This gives consumer devices and media similar protection to that afforded to software (which is equally subject to circumvention by using crackz and serialz that are available on sites of dubious repute).

Although many will complain, people's "rights" are invariably in contention with copyright. Scott McNealy said many years ago "you have no privacy - get over it"; equally I would say you have no rights to use a product, except as the license allows - get on with it.

Consumers have only one power - the ability to buy. If you don't like it, don't buy it - the way you spend speaks louder than your vote.

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