23 September 2006

Kano Model and Product Innovation

I'm in a mind-mapping mood today - here's one about the Kano model and how it can guide the features of a product. Your product or service needs a unique recipe of all three types of features: basic (what I call duh or doh!), performance (good) or excitement (great, wow).


Spacerguy said...

Most people go online to research and not to buy. Those who do make purchases have been described as impulse buyers acting on the spur of the moment.So you need to pick a niche market and make a trendy sales pitch in order to stir those sleepy passions in your targeted, potentially interested customers. The trendy sales pitch includes the features and benefits of a product. Someone interested in buying a Laptop computer will want to know stuff like how long will the battery last? how much software can I squeeze into its memory banks? Is it heavy or light? The benefits of a product will help a humanoid get hooked on a product. Once the earthling likes what he sees, the seller can now concentrate on the easy part. Sell the features. Easy and it was all down to my Kano Model and Product Innovation awareness.

Colm said...

I think your analysis has a lot of truth. However increasingly people are using the internet to buy what I call "luxury commodities" (like books, music, consumer devices (including cameras, computers and components)).

The challenge that manufacturers have with higher end commodities is to try to offer combinations of features that are hard to compare with other brands.